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Creative Decisions Foundation is a non profit that aims in disseminating AHP and ANP.

Help us to spread the vision.

Donations to the Creative Decisions Foundation (CDF) help sustain the development of the SuperDecisions software that implements decision making models for the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the Analytic Network Process (ANP) for students and researchers around the world. Your contributions also support the AHP community and our other academic initiatives: the online IJAHP (International Journal of the AHP), the biennial ISAHP (International Symposium on the AHP), an international gathering of educators, researchers and students that takes place in cities around the world.

Your contributions help support the websites for these activities keeping them fast, secure, and accessible. The Creative Decisions Foundation's programs and initiatives expand access globally to methods of rational decision making; the foundation also offers grants for improving and enriching knowledge about decision making.

Your donations support this work, and so much more, to ensure that the AHP and ANP remain accessible and valuable for many generations to come.