Decision Mentor

Level: Beginner
Type: Software

Shashi Bhattarai - Development Dynamics
Sovit Poudel - Truneary Solutions

Abstract: AHP FOR EVERYBODY: INNOVATION THROUGH MOBILE APPLICATION FOR PERSONAL DECISIONS An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) based mobile application for day to day use. Growing internet enabled information reach to individuals via smartphone has created potential for individual decision support systems. Automation and productivity enhancement to people is converging in smartphones. There exists software to process multiple criteria decisions for enterprise level application. However, it is observed that there is not yet a simple user friendly, theory-based decision support application with visualization for individuals. The idea of potential of AHP based personal decision support system was identified ten years back; however, a product was realized recently. The product makes a theory based scientific multi criteria decision support tool available for common people to easily use by automating the process through an interactive interface. Up until now, the experience of such software was either geared towards a enterprise, or someone who understood the theoretical backing. The mobile application is perceived to be the first of its kind with features of dynamic sensitivity analysis. Change in ranking of alternatives can be instantly seen while changing weight of criteria, the feature is called decision visualization. Considering continuous improvement with the user feedback, a mobile application called DecisionMentor is released and available in application stores for common people's use. (


URL: http://www.DecisionMentor.App