An application of the Analytic Hierachy Process for the bosepeorus crossing in instanbul

Tulay Krhngastanr
Istanbul Technical University
Birsen Karpak
Youngstown State University
United States

Publication date: Jul, 1996

Journal: ISAHP 1996

Publisher: Creative Decisions Foundation

Abstract: In this paper, itineraries in a transport system will be investigated to help city authorities to prioritize alternative routes to improve them. In Istanbul, most commuters have to select a combination of transport modes for crossing the Bosphorus' these will be termed 'ltineraries" in the paper. Transport authorities rvho aim to provide the most effrcient tranSportation System for commuters, have to conSider passenger preferences as well as environmental pollutants of the different transport services' Thirfy-four alternative itineraries are prioritized based on time, comfort, cost and poilution criteria, using Anatyric Hierarihy Process(AHP) a multicriteria decision support slstem' Results indicate that itineraries which prouid. service frequenry. with moderate comfon level and less environmental pollution have priorities'

Keywords: AHP, Multicriteria decision support system