Should Turkish industry apply TQM or not: A dynamic model

Birsen Karpak
Youngstown State University
United States
Ozden Bayazit
Central Washington University
United Kingdom

Publication date: Aug, 2001

Journal: ISAHP 2001

Abstract: This study examines whether Turkish Industry is ready to apply Total Quality Management (TQM) or not by using Analytic Network Process (ANP). Our database is based on a survey realized among the one hundred big size companies in Turkey. Those companies have been randomly selected for the study from the list of “Five Hundred Biggest Companies in Turkey.” A specific questionnaire with 25 questions has been sent to those one hundred companies. We used the questionnaire responses in our pairwise comparisons of criteria and alternatives. We have considered advantages, disadvantages, risks and opportunities of implementing TQM under current Turkish industry structure. This study shows that “Applying TQM” is 59% preferable, yet “not applying” is 41% preferable. “Applying TQM” alternative is not as highly preferable to “not applying” as we expected. We attribute this result for TQM’s high risks and disadvantages considering the current status of Turkish Industry.

Keywords: AHP, Quality management